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Winners of 2015

The international panel decided that the International Medis Awards for Medical Research 2015 would be received by:

  • Dragana Jovanović, MD, MSc Immunol, Serbia, in the area of allergology
  • Vlasta Orlić Karbić, MD, MSc, Croatia, in the area of anaesthesiology
  • Assist. Marko Banović, MD, PhD, Serbia, in the area of cardiology
  • Andreja Emeršič, MSc Pharm, Slovenia, in the area of neurology
  • Alja Črnej, MD, Slovenia, in the area of ophthalmology
  • Assist. Prof. Matjaž Homan, MD, PhD, Slovenia, in the area of paediatrics
  • Urška Kamenšek, MSc Biol, PhD, Slovenia, in the area of pharmacy
  • Lovro Lamot, MD, PhD, Croatia, in the area of rheumatology
  • Prof. Zoltán Bajory, MD, PhD, Hungary, and Prof. Zsolt Kopa, MD, PhD, Hungary, in the area of urology

Contest for the International Medis Awards for Medical Research 2015 ended with 138 applications of medical experts from all nine scientific fields, coming from all eight countries in which Medis operates: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.

The subject of the contest were posters and oral presentations of scientific research work, complemented by adequate supporting documents, that were presented from 1 September 2014 till 31 August 2015 at any of the European or world professional or scientific meetings. Submitted applications were reviewed by the international panel that consisted of ten established and recognized doctors of different specialties.

The Medis Awards Ceremony took place in Miramara Museum in Zagreb

The winners were awarded with a sculpture made of bronze named Bodočnost (Future), which was designed only for Medis Awards by the well renowned Croatian-Slovenian sculptor Jakov Brdar, and financial stimulus for further research in the gross value of € 2,500.

Dragana Jovanović, MD, MSc, Serbia, Medis Award for the area of Allergology for 2015

"To receive a Medis Award is a wonderful feeling which proves the value of what I have done. Like all awards, it means responsibility, but also an encouragement. The award is a huge honour for me, but it is also important for the general public because it informs them about innovations in medicine."

Vlasta Orlić Karbić, MD, MSc, Croatia, Medis Award for the area of Anaesthesiology in 2015

"It feels good when the effort of the whole team in the development of scientific work is recognized and awarded. Winning the Medis International Award in the area of anesthesiology is certainly an additional incentive for our work and commitment to future research."

Assist. Marko Banović, MD, PhD, Serbia, Medis Award for the area of Cardiology for 2015

"I perceive the award that I received from Medis as the biggest and most important scientific award that I have got so far in my career, namely for several reasons: because of the great reputation of the company that gave me the award, but also because of the fact that the competition included the scientists/cardiologists from a large number of countries and only those scientists whose works and researches were already presented at major World or European congresses.

I think awards in the field of medicine have special significance, not only because they have a great stimulating effect on the award winners, but primarily because they enable the general public (including the current and future patients) to be informed about the innovations in various fields of medicine which may affect them as well."

Alja Črnej, MD, Slovenia, Medis Award for the area of Ophthalmology for 2015 

"I was very happy and proud that I was selected for the Medis Award. For me it is a compliment and confirmation that my work was successful and recognized in the Slovenian and international environment. Finally, it is also a great encouragement for further work."

Zoltán Bajory, MD, PhD, Hungary, Medis Award for the area of Urology in 2015

"The Medis Awards is a unique opportunity for young medical researchers to measure themselves and their work in an international forum. With this generous Awards, Medis fills a need in the field of regional medical collaboration and strengthens the partnership and the spirit of medical research in Central Europe."

Zsolt Kopa, MD, PhD, Hungary, Medis Award for the area of Urology in 2015

"Medis Award is the annual international prize for researchers and practitioners who made significant contributions to the field of medical sciences and have performed public service on behalf of medicine exemplifying high values. This kind of activity helps to deepen our understanding of medical problems and diseases meaning the base of safe and high quality care in diagnosis and treatment and to the continuous improvement of research.   With this award Medis as an international company in the pharma industry highly contribute to research and patient care governance and inspire researchers and practitioners of Middle and Eastern Europe to present their results on highly ranked conferences and peer reviewed medical journals."

Congratulations to all the winners!

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